Architecting your relationship

As D and I are working on amending our contract to further reflect who we are as a couple and how we want to build our relationship, I realized it is like drafting blueprints. In today’s business world you architect solutions to solve workplace problems.  Is it any different for your relationships?

To architect your relationship, the client and the architect (Dominant and submissive playing both parts) must sit down and decide what it is they want.  What are the goals, the purpose? What needs and desires must this fulfill? What else matters to them?  These conversations create the concept.

Then they put all that together to create the image, what it could look like and how it can be laid out.  The rough draft, so to speak.  Things get moved around, discussed further and tweaked until they feel that it solidifies what they were seeking.

From there a formal drawing (contract) is created. Still more tweaks are necessary as the specific language, formatting and style are determined, much like when the engineer gets a hold of the drawings.

Once all is agreed upon and the drawings are signed off on, its time to ready and pour the foundation.  Timing, weather, materials and several other factors will determine when building can begin.

As you begin to build, is everything done precisely as drawn out?  Most likely the answer is no.  Many find there are other things they want or need at this point that they did not know at the beginning. New rules might need adhered to or established. It is truly an on-going conversation and the need for flexibility in the process is critical.

This is where D and I find ourselves.  We had a great contract that met all of our needs when written out, but have found that there are other aspects that we did not take into account. While our relationship is growing and evolving, so too must our D/s agreement and what we need and desire from one another and from our dynamic.  Our relationship is deeper than many vanilla relationships and because of that the foundation we have already built needs expanded and with rough terrain at times, we need to account for that so that our structure that we are building will stand firm against the elements and stand the test of time.

So here is to architecting your relationships, just as you would building your home from scratch. Dream it, draw it, tweak it, pour it and build it to meet your goals, needs and desires.



Wonderful Gifts


I’m hoping everyone’s holiday was as wonderful as mine.  Just having Daddy celebrate with me and my friends and family was a great gift.

His words written in the perfect card warmed my heart and renewed my energy.  His words reassured what my heart already knew.  He is mine and I am His.

I gave him the link to my blog.  He has already started reading my words. When he told me he was proud of me for what I’ve shared, that too was another wonderful gift.

But the best gift of all was getting to spoil him a bit, which made me very happy to do. Seeing him happy means the world to me.

Wishing everyone a loving, fun filled New Years and may 2015 bring us all abundance.



I am His!

How do I know?

He shuts me up with a look
with a kiss
with a whisper

He takes what he wants with a smile
with a spark in his eye

He is rough

He leaves me in a heap
of mindless pleasure
at peace

Yes I am His
to do with as he pleases

Thank you Sir

Such a Torturous Tease…


ImageTexting to tease
You create the desire
I begin to want

Teasing to crave
You make me blush
I begin to squirm

Teasing to arouse
You make me wet
I need, I crave

Teasing to push
You make me burn
I writhe with desire

Teasing to torture
You make me gush
I feel, I yearn

I love the use you tease me with
You push me to admit
I crave the intensity
You desire for me
I need that which you torture me

How do you deal with little disappointments?

I’m not very good at dealing with disappointments.  How about you?

All normal things that happen in life and yet, there are times they seem to catch you off guard and you have to push through it.  How do you do it? What do you do to handle the ones that leave you sad?

Do you distract yourself? How?

Do you build up a wall?  At what point?

I’m sure there are so many ways to handle the little disappointments that can happen in a D/s relationship. So I’m curious to know how you handle them.  How do you wish you could handle them?





Being owned is powerful.
A soul baring experience.

Based on truth
and Trust

Being owned is vulnerable
A giving of yourself
with no walls to protect

Core desires

Being owned is an embrace
Wanted for who you are
Desired for what you offer
Cherished for what you give

Being owned is being loved


Needing to stand firm

Yesterday I posted a poem that I entitled Brave.  Little did I know just how Brave I was going to need to be yesterday.

He contacted me…. demanding of me… said many hurtful things. He ripped old scars open. He tried emotional manipulations. He tried to hurt me. Then called me the martyr when I said that I was tired of hurting.  I would remember the good and I’d always care for him.  He went on and on.

But I stood firm.  I stood Brave.



You call on me
You demand too much
You push too deep
Your words do crush

I don’t deserve to hurt
I am worthy of being loved
I complied with what you chose me to learn
I can’t take the back and forth shove

Standing up for myself
Expecting respect and love

You said goodbye too many times
You expected me to comply

I accepted and made my peace
I didn’t let you convince me otherwise
Your manipulations didn’t appease
Undone the bonded heart’s ties

I worked to start anew
I mended the shattered heart
I cherish all I learned from you
I value the love we shared

The ebb and flow of a wave
The journey we once took
I find I stand here brave
As I avoid once more your hook





You belong to me

Erotic, beautiful and very honest.



You belong to me… here and there
You belong to me…everywhere

You belong to me …now and then
You belong to me…wish I when

You belong to me …. night and day
You belong to me… in every way

You belong to me… in every breath you take
You belong to me… in every move you make

You belong to me… in your devil and saint.
You belong to me… in every color you paint

You belong to me…in what  I see
You belong to me… In what you wish to be

You belong to me… In parts and whole
You belong to me… In your body and soul

You belong to me !!! You belong to me !!! You belong to me !!!

© themysticdom 2014


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