A reflection of 2015

Its been quite a while since I’ve posted here.  I do miss my more frequent writings as they were a great way to self-reflect on things.

However, my life has been go…go…go for months now. Work has gotten busier with wonderful projects, school has been a challenge and amazing, my love life has been full with my wonderful daddy and with my delightful boyfriend. My kids are growing up so fast and creating lives of their own, its been so wonderful to watch and bittersweet too.

Last weekend I was away with some classmates and chatting about my work and kids and the two amazing men in my life and suddenly I sat back and realized just how interesting my life is. How I’ve had such wonderful experiences that have helped me grow as a person.

This past week, I’ve had various holiday parties and was chatting about my graduate work and program with some colleagues and I realized how much I’ve grown in confidence through this experience. I’ve had the skills, this just gave me the confidence and some new tools to do what I’ve always done even better.

Daddy and I are talking about moving in together and making plans for our future. Its such an exciting time.  We still have a few bumps in the road to get through but we are doing them together. That is a great feeling.

M and I are facing some bumps together too.  Isn’t that always the case in poly relationships, but he and I are solid and we are enjoying each other and where our relationship has grown.  We always talk about things we would like to do together. Who knows if they will happen, but it is fantastic that we can share ideas and see that connection being there.

Some friendships have changed over the year, some grown stronger, some moving away, others have faded, but all those around me care for me and are cared for in return.

As for me, I don’t know what will happen when…. that is a challenge for this little planner. However, my life is so rich and full that I know I am on the right path with the right people.

2015 has been a very good year to me. 2016 is looking to be even better.






Writers Block

WritersBlockI’ve been so busy, that every time I come here to write a post, I simply cannot find what I want to say. It is frustrating to say the least.  However, all is well in my world.  Hope Spring brings all of us joy.

Learning the “Little” Things

Exactly like this.

Freedom Hunter

She had no idea that the tone of her voice could give her away. When I told her, she said it made her feel “a little crazy.”

As we talked this morning, I noticed something different.  Nothing dramatic but evident. I realized I was talking to the woman. So I asked her, “are you feeling little right now?” Her response was “no, not really.” I knew it. I told her I knew it. I told her that her tone was different. Her giggle wasn’t quite the same. I assured her this was not a bad thing. That we all have different modes and moods, and are multi dimensional.

That’s when she said she felt “a little crazy.” Though I suspect vulnerable was the more appropriate word. She was letting me peek through a crack in one of those walls. I let her know those feelings we’re perfectly okay. They were…

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9 Traits Of A Virgo Woman You Won’t Find In Anyone Else

foreverdreamingoflove 💋



1. She is driven by intelligence

Even if she is a pretty face, she still finds it necessary to use her brain. She is definitely not someone who will simply blurt out anything and everything that comes to her mind. Instead, she will sit calmly and analyze even the toughest of situations in such a manner that when she is finally prepared to give her opinion, the world is awed by her say. It is also due to this intelligence that a Virgo woman always tends to find success in her endeavors.


2. She is very tactful

Being tactful is an art possessed by only a few. A Virgo woman will set her eyes on something, and in some time it will be all hers. This is because she knows how to play her cards really well. It is also because of this unique characteristic that a Virgo…

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