2017 – The year that I missed.

time flies This year has been a complete blur for me.  Not only was I incredibly busy the first few months of the year and the last few months of 2016 with work and life projects. I also spent 8.5 months of 2017 recovering from a horrible car accident. In fact, I’m still recovering.

When I reflect back on this year and what I did, I realize that I spent this year preparing myself for a better me, a more focused me, a more grateful me.  There have been some wonderful things that have happened this year too and I want them to shine.

Daddy and I bought a house.  This was a big thing for us and for our future together.  My children graduated college and high school this year and have moved on to the next step in their journeys. Some friendships became closer this year while other friends moved back to the outer fringes of our circle.  The wonderful ebb and flow of life. Daddy and I got a puppy who is so much a part of us in the 2.5 months we’ve had her. I can’t imagine life without her already.

What my recovery has taught me is how important my home life is to me – family and friends. How comfortable I want my surroundings to be. How life is meant to be about experiences, even simple ones. I’ve taken more photos of the trees and birds in my backyard than I ever would have noticed before the universe declared I need to slow down.  Life isn’t all about work, you have to have a life outside of work too. This is something I had really forgotten about.

Yes, I have my relationships that matter to me, however, much of my attention was focused on work and aspirations. Instead, I now see how to leave work and re-focus each day on people, things and places that matter to me. And to put myself as a priority. Sometimes that is reading, sometimes it is getting out and seeing something different, sometimes it is just sitting in and playing board games with friends. Whatever those self priorities are, find a way to focus on them before the universe forces you to.

Happy holidays to all



2 thoughts on “2017 – The year that I missed.

  1. enjoyed reading the year that i missed
    very insightful about life
    its not until something happens to us that we are forced refocus

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