It’s been a while

It has been a while since I last posted.  Life has gotten in the way.  Being in grad school and having a capstone course these past few months has become a second full time job.

I have disconnected from my own submission to the point that I feel lost. My mind is filled with so much and the struggle to reconnect is not coming easy.  I know it will return, I do not have doubts about that. It is who I am.

I’ve missed reading all of your blogs and writing.  I’m looking forward to returning.   


5 thoughts on “It’s been a while

  1. At times I feel like this as well. It happens when I am stressed. I thought it was just because I am new to the lifestyle but others have told me different. Their advice helped me, so I’d like to share.
    Find a quiet place to sit and center yourself. Say a short mantra that helps you reconnect with your submission. Just breathe and reflect on the emotions you feel in a sub’s head space.
    Hope this helps you too. 🙂

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