Sharing my words…

I must admit, I’ve been a bit selfish. I’ve kept this blog from my beloved Sir.  He understands my reasons and I share some posts with him via email, but I’ve not sent him the link.

I think this will be one of his Christmas gifts or at least New Year’s.  (sigh)

The reason for the selfishness is due to my comfort in opening up in my thoughts and feelings and being able to express those without focus on respect and political correctness.  Yet I do those things anyway. I would never disrespect him publicly and I do always consider my words.  I’ve come to realize this as I was preparing another post for today. (which I will still share).

So with love and respect for our relationship, I will open myself up to him completely. He can choose what to read and decide if anything needs corrected.  I love him and I love the relationship that we are building. I am his… words and all.


One thought on “Sharing my words…

  1. I’m sure that your Sir will very much appreciate your gift. My Daddy was one of the first followers if my blog. This is the one place I can let my feelings out…Daddy is free to read them and has at times questioned what I wrote. It has sparked a few very good discussions.

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