Should I call him Daddy?

What is the right name for my Master, my Owner, my Sir,  my lover, my boyfriend, my rock, my heart?  I’m his little one, his pet, his slave, his slut, his girlfriend and his rock.

Little one and pet fit me well, slut and slave is what I am.  Master fits, tho is very formal and does not feel right for conversation between the two of us.  Sir fits, tho I always feel like I’m being sarcastic when I say “yes Sir”.  I know I’m not or he would be correcting me, it just feels that way.  Owner, is what he is – he owns me. But its not a title to call him.  The rest are roles he plays.

So what do I call him?  Master and Sir feel solid to my slave/adult side. And its how I would refer to others in the lifestyle. Not in our one on one conversation.  Daddy…. well that is really hitting home to my little.  She wants to call him that badly, but adult side feels odd about it. Does this make sense?

I’d love to hear from Doms and littles alike on why the name Daddy fits.  My orderly logical adult needs to make sense of what my little is shouting to call my very loving, caring, protective, guiding, sadistically sensual One.



9 thoughts on “Daddy?

  1. Yes. Makes sense to me…I was the same for me..i can share that for me I bad a deep uesrnimg inside to call my Sir ‘Daddy”. I did not. We talked and with some time and understanding he, during a spanking, commanded me to call him Daddy. Even though I desired it- it was hard to say the first time…now if I hurt myself or almost fell, heavy play, or get scared my natural instinct calls out ” daddy”. In our community I use Sir or when I am answering a question and want to sound more submissive . once in a while I call him master. But when my little volume is up….DADDY. Volume down or in community = Sir.

    1. Thank you for sharing. That dual name, might be where I end up. That way I’m not forcing one side over the other. Its so wonderful but scary at the same time.

      1. Hehe yes littles don’t seem to well with forcing names…I went and looked at my posts and I use daddy when I am writing little and Sir other times…funny..I noticed you referred to your little in third person (she)… It took me awhile to blend and notice volume changes and such…what a wonderful journey…I celebrate your discovery…adventure! Email me if u want to chat….

  2. Dear Carina:

    Never be too concerned with labels. As ItMatterstoGrey suggested, Ask Master. you say he left it up to you? Still ask.
    Master is O/our chosen name, but Daddy is quickly becoming a dear name to U/us too. As like you, i am newly embracing the little girl inside of me who needs Daddy so much.

    Blessings of happiness to Y/you both.

    slave j/sunshine

    1. Thank you slave j/sunshine. I appreciate the encouraging words. I have asked him and he is guiding me to be me at all times and if that means two names, then he is happy with that. He wants it to be genuine. Which is exactly why I love this man. He never tells me how to be me. He only tells me what to do to please him and better myself.
      hugs, carina

  3. I totally understand where you are coming from. I struggled with the label “Daddy” as well. What helped for me is not looking at it as a label but more of a feeling. When I was with a Daddy, he made me feel loved and protected and he helped guide me and gave me structure just like a father would, so for me, it became easier to use the term Daddy. I think it is great that he isn’t pushing you and you should just let it happen organically. Maybe you can call him other terms of endearment like honey, or sweetie and I bet eventually Daddy will just spill right out.

  4. Yes, Master is formal, but I like it and so does He. Since I respect and cherish Him so, it’s an honor to call Him Master.

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