A Post from my Sir…


8 thoughts on “A Post from my Sir…

  1. Totally love this . . . it describes my Beloved exactly. Serious, in control and oh so much fun. Nothing lost in translation to silly.

  2. Thank you for sharing. Love hearing this from your Dom’s side. It means the world to me when my Sir is silly with me. Lets me be me. And i feel so loved….The little Dom to me equates daddy. My daddy is a sadist too….

  3. Thank you all for your comments. I think the Little Dom does equate to a Daddy. Its a concept we both are processing. He never saw himself as a Daddy and I didn’t want a Daddy. It is definitely food for thought. I love that he can be silly & fun and serious and sadistic. Its exactly why my little came out of hiding.

  4. Our Sirs seem to have commonalities…they should chat! My Sir became daddy by default because we discovered I am little and he is my Daddy…naturally he is sadist/ owner…..I look forward to following your journey…..stay in touch

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