His Little One

little oneWords have so big an impact and these two little words have had a huge one on me.

Years ago, someone who meant the world to me called me them and I always felt the warmth of them. However, it was a moniker because I was short. (yeah it was funny). Then one day he stopped using the term and I didn’t feel its loss.  Over time, I heard many other subs being called Little One and it seemed with such love a care. It always brought a smile to my face.

Now I am Little One again and it means so much more to me to hear it.  It reaches into my soul and lights that spark that keeps me warm and alive. It provides me comfort when I’m sad or exhausted. It reminds me how much D loves me and cares for me. It reminds me that he found my Little and that he intends to cherish her needs too. It reminds me that I need to accept her and let her have fun. And it reminds me of how protected my Little really is, with me and D and with our friends and those we care about.

Waking up to good morning my little one, or goodnight little one, is such a wonderful simple thing that reminds me of all that I have to be grateful for.


5 thoughts on “His Little One

  1. I am intrigued by the psyche behind the subs that come from a place of delicate innocence. When I hear something like, “Little one”, I think of a delicate child; you made reference here as if you are practicing revealing your inner child. Perhaps it’s my education, but I am highly intrigued by this. I find it endearing. I am a sub too, it is my lifestyle, 24/7. I am the kind of sub who fought everyone until my husband came along. There is nothing delicate about me. I appreciate this quality in you, and other subs in the community like you. Being safe is the best feeling in the world.

    1. Thank you for your note. I am learning to let my inner child out. However, with the safety of my Sir, I’m also learning who she is, why she behaves the way she does, what makes her happy and sad. I’m at the stage of accepting her and embracing her and now we work on incorporating her into my everyday.

      I too have fought others and I’ve fought myself too. I put up walls and created a tough exterior. I denied my little any freedoms. It was an internal struggle all the time. I didn’t want to be vulnerable even though I’m submissive innately.

      With my Sir, he gently pulled her out and gave her permission to be free, all the while proving to me it was safe and that it wasn’t two personalities. It was me, my inner core, my inner child. It’s me – all of me. Yes it makes me more delicate, and that’s ok. He protects me. Mostly from myself when I try to put up my tough exterior.

      I’ve never been happier with myself as I have since finding my little. Being safe allowed it to happen.

      1. Love it! I hope you didn’t get the impression that I felt being delicate was a bad thing – I enjoy that in people because it’s very different from me. I like exploring the perspectives of people who are different from me.

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