Corner time


As a sub, I accept punishments and in fact know I need them to find closure in mistakes made.  Learning more and more about my little and allowing her needs to be met has resulted in finding different ways to punish infractions.  Corner time was the latest.

I arrived at D’s place, after a very long grueling week of us both being very busy and not seeing each other, all I wanted was to curl up in his arms and melt all that stress away.  I knew we had to go shopping before any real relaxing could happen but those initial moments of needing the world to fall off my shoulders was longed for.  And of course I got it, but only partially.  D gave me that much needed hug, the one we both desired and it put us in the frame of mind needed.  However, he said that we had to take care of a punishment first for forgetting my task the day before.  Huff!

I honestly thought I had done it, but in that moment, I suddenly felt like a little girl. I’d been this strong, together, busy woman all week, needing nothing and no one….. and that mere mention of a punishment had me shrink down to the 10 yr old that my little seems to be.  D caught this and decided that my punishment would be sitting in a corner alone until he came back for me.

In those 5 or so minutes of sitting there, the emotions pooled and tears dripped down my face. I hated that I forgot my task yet again.  I hated that he had to punish me when we needed to be together. I let myself down and I let him down.

When he came back to get me, I whispered that I was sorry and his arms, already around me, hugged me a little tighter.  He whispered my forgiveness and said that the punishment was very hard on him too.  We hugged and let those moments be what they were.  A re-grouping of ourselves.

Later we talked a bit more and he said he would understand if I hated him for that punishment.  I didn’t hate him for it, I valued him for it.  I hated the punishment, but not him.  What he meant what hating him for the timing of the punishment.  Yeah, I guess I did hate that part too.  But honestly, it was best to get it over with so we could focus on what we really needed and it put me (and my little) in the right frame of mind for the rest of the weekend.  Thank you Sir.

Does your little have needs that surprise you?


3 thoughts on “Corner time

  1. I’ve had bunches of corner time and while I hate it, I know I still want and need it.
    You are right, it does bring you to a very little mental space.

  2. This makes me smile. I know someone who ‘huffs’ at the mere mention of the word punishment. Yet the joy of the re-connection makes the pain and angst worth it.
    I do look for the day when punishment is accepted with resignation and recognition. It is after all part of what we offer each other, critique and reward.

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