Exploring my Little


My little has been surfacing more and more.  D brings her out no matter what we are doing.  She has been playful, bratty and doesn’t handle disappointment well. She is 10, or so we believe.

When D and i spend time together, its so natural, I don’t realize that she  has surfaced, but he does.  He has commented that my body language changes, my words change and my face changes.  It is frustrating to hear this and not be aware of it at all.  However I trust D to take care of her.  She trusts D to keep her safe to come out.

Lately, D has been exploring my little through our conversations.  Trying to get me to think about her and what she likes and needs.  He wants to know how I feel she should be disciplined (not punished).  I have no idea!   This is still so new to me and I am trying to embrace it.  So I turn to you my dear readers (friends in my book) and ask for your experiences.  How does your little respond to discipline?  What types work best for you?  What doesn’t work? 

The most recent event for my little was on Sunday.  It was my birthday and D sent me home early (we celebrated the night before) because he had some things to do and he knew I was having dinner with my kids.  I didn’t want to leave.  I felt kicked out.  I was sad.  When I got home, everyone was otherwise occupied with football (so was D).  I felt abandoned on my birthday.  Huff!  I couldn’t shake the sadness, I tried to read, talk to friends, played on Pinterest and Facebook.  It wouldn’t lift.  So finally D asked me to find a soft blanket and lay down.  I was to take an end in my hand and lightly caress my face and envision it was his hand stroking my face.  Needless to say, I fell asleep and felt so much better and in control of my emotions when I woke up. (little things)

Now I need that blanket to sleep soundly.  I tuck it next to me, or behind me, draping its end across my waist (like his arm).  I feel its presence behind me and I guess I feel like its D holding me and thus I feel safe to sleep.

Next up is to get a age 10 appropriate paint by numbers kit and see how I feel doing something little girl ish.  I’m procrastinating on this one…


3 thoughts on “Exploring my Little

  1. I get the talk and cornertime. Depends on the thing I’m being punished for… and my other little friend gets lots of corner time too

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