Lost! If found please return


Do you have those times when you seem to lose your mind and you can’t find it?

The past few weeks have been like this for me.  Now I know that I have a lot going on in my life… work being very busy right now, going back to school, teaching, being a mom to teenagers and a wonderful relationship with D. Not to mention complicated past relationships.  So yes there are valid reasons for my declining mental capacity.

What bothers me most is that I have failed to obey a routine rule, not once, not twice…. multiple times…. all because I honestly forgot.

A few weeks ago, D gave me a “fun” task to do while enjoying an evening of watching television.  But because I multi-tasking, I forgot to insert the toy.  Completely forgot.  Later when he asked, I was shocked that I had forgotten something so fun….   Needless to say I was punished and I served my punishment well.  It fit the “fail” because it was something I had to do over a few days and it required me to be in the moment and remember.  I was very good and did.

However, in the process I forgot to send my daily two pics to him.  One is of me smiling and the other is my choice.  He gave me a reprieve as we were both quite busy and he knew I was focused on the punishment.  I still was upset by forgetting something else while being punished for forgetting a task.  He was much more understanding than I was.

And here I am forgetting once again.  I forgot to get gas yesterday, so I was on fumes this morning, I forgot to buy more oatmeal for breakfast at work and I forgot to send both pics yesterday.  And now I’m supposed to remember to remind him this weekend that I’m due a punishment for forgetting.  I’m seriously doubting my memory abilities right now.

Thanks for reading my rant.


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