Note to self…

note to selfHave you written a note to yourself yet?

I have never done this but boy I wish I had many times.  I could have used it when my self-confidence was lacking, when I couldn’t believe in the words from others, when I loathed myself. Today, I learned I’ve hit a milestone in my own self confidence. 

My former dom, has been in touch with me again. He has been reminding me that he created me and thus has a connection that will remain.  That’s fine, because he was my first Dom, there is a connection that just can’t be broken. He unlocked my soul, but did not create it.  Semantics? Maybe… but there is truth in unlocking.

He wanted to see where I was in my growth and acceptance of myself. In re-reading my responses to him I caught words like, I’ve evolved, this is working for me, allowing, embracing, positive, valued, worthy, happy, playful, confident, partnerships, communication, wonderful, admitting to myself, no longer ashamed, environment to just be me and I’m present.

I also listed all the things I’m doing personally and professionally, serving on a Board, volunteering and hosting events, loving my work, eating better, exercising and enjoying life. 

No more sad doormat here.  I’m happy and I’m present.  I’ve regained my self-confidence back and I like who I am. I like my relationships and I’m surrounding myself with positive influences. 

My hope is for anyone, who is down on themselves…. that you write yourself a note and remind yourself the things you need to hear.

I’m not always confident…. moments of insecurities. But knowing that I have this confidence in me to say those things to my former, means its there and I just have to start wearing it. 



3 thoughts on “Note to self…

  1. That’s so great that you have found acceptance for yourself and that you’re growing and evolving. It’s a hard thing to do sometimes, so well done for being so strong.

    I like to write notes to myself on my bathroom mirror! I just use a regular children’s marker pen to write little quotes or encouraging thoughts. I see it numerous times a day and I get to ponder those thoughts for longer while I brush my teeth. A positive way to start and end my day!

  2. Thank you. It was a few years of work and a new Dom to bring it full circle. Iris hard work.

    I love your mirror notes. I use a quote wall in my bathroom.

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