Little Things

little things

Its always the little things that we tend to enjoy the most yet forget about in the long run.   I know I’m guilty of that in past relationships.  While grateful at the time, it gets lost in the crazy of life and we don’t think too much on it, until something big happens forcing us to have to think about it again.

Today, I’m turning over a new leaf….   I want to remember the little things when they happen and then post them here.  Hope you enjoy reading them, and I’d love to hear about your little things too.

Yesterday, D invited me to come out after work to see him.  Yay!  Little thing.   When I got to the little pizza shop that I picked to meet, he had gotten stuck at the car dealers 2 blocks away because they gave him such a great offer on a trade in, he couldn’t pass it up.  He asked me to be patient (which is not my virtue).   I got something to eat and settled in to read my textbook.  (Another chapter done) Yay!

So while we thought only a half hour delay, turned into 2 hours.  I stayed patient. Yay! (an accomplishment). He would text me and apologize and explain what was going on .  Then he swung by in the new car to pick me up as he had to go sign some paperwork at another office.  He was happy and less stressed.  That made me happy.   When we got there, the sales rep said “Oh this must be your wife”  before I could answer, D said, “not my wife, but she is my girlfriend.”   Little thing that felt so wonderful. (happy dance)   We drove back to my car and sat there.  D played with all the buttons in his new car and was silly.  Like a kid with a new toy.  It was awesome to see him like that.  It was fun to see my Dominant in such a lighthearted manner.  It was also fun to tease him about it.  Little thing.

So while I didn’t get the evening I thought I would, I had such a wonderful time last night.  Seeing D be silly and being able to be quietly supportive at his side, was one of those little things that shouldn’t be taken for granted or forgotten about in the crazy of our lives.

Thank you Sir.



One thought on “Little Things

  1. I love this post because it’s the little things that make up all the big things. I as well do my best to make note somewhere of all the little things Master and I do. 🙂

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