How do you deal with little disappointments?

I’m not very good at dealing with disappointments.  How about you?

All normal things that happen in life and yet, there are times they seem to catch you off guard and you have to push through it.  How do you do it? What do you do to handle the ones that leave you sad?

Do you distract yourself? How?

Do you build up a wall?  At what point?

I’m sure there are so many ways to handle the little disappointments that can happen in a D/s relationship. So I’m curious to know how you handle them.  How do you wish you could handle them?




10 thoughts on “How do you deal with little disappointments?

    1. I put up the wall too and pout. Its not what I intend to do, just happens. I’m being mindful of it and trying to at least not put up the wall right away.

    1. Thank you @emergingdom Yes communication is essential. The hard part is that what needs to be communicated isn’t always clear in those moments. But putting up a wall or silence is definitely not a good thing to do.

      1. i agree. maybe establish a “safe period” to assist – it’s not something in the moment, but set aside – where candid, open communication can bloom.

  1. I usually talk to my sub sibling 🙂 She knows and understands what I’m going through and I’m also good friends with her owner, so I can get a top’s perspective if I’m really disappointed and upset. Then I write, and pout, and process the negative emotions through exercise and making myself physically busy, after which I’m calm enough to bring it up with Master and ask for help to deal with it properly.

    It’s a process 🙂

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