Brat Comes Out and forgetting a task…

I’m not normally a bratty sub.  I don’t tend to brat to get attention (not intentionally anyway). So its odd that I find that my brat is peeking out with my new Dom.

Why is that?   A few thoughts have come to mind…. but before I get to my reasons, I thought I’d ask all of you…. what brings out your brat (or your sub’s brat)?

My own analysis of this, is a combination of a few things….

  • I’m happy and more carefree than in previous relationships
  • I’m feeling secure in his interest in me
  • I’m comfortable being me….. playful, snarky, teasing, cheesy
  • I’m testing the waters a bit in getting to know him better (want to see his dark side)
  • I’m craving…..  rules, use, to show me who is in charge

Now keep in mind we’ve only been together two months and we’ve taken some things slow.  Mainly because I’ve never dated someone I didn’t know as a friend first, so this is new territory for me. We also live an hour away from each other.  And we’ve had other life things going on requiring our time/attention.  So while I have daily tasks and there is daily communication, there aren’t “rules” yet.

This week I did something I’ve never done before…. and it bothers me.   I forgot a task.  I could make excuses up, but that’s all they are.  The worst was the task is a fun one.  But I completely forgot about it until he asked how I was doing with it at the end of the day. Boy did I feel bad.  He keeps telling me its okay, he will make sure I don’t forget again.  He asked me what I thought a proper punishment should be.  I don’t know…. never been punished for forgetting a task, let alone a fun one. However, I do feel relieved that he will punish me after he returns home from his trip and we see each other next. I screwed up and I know the only way to feel better is to accept the consequences of my disobedience.

So again, I ask what causes your brat (or Your sub’s brat) to come out.  Is it intentional or not?  Also, have you (or Your sub) forgotten a task?  if so, what types of punishment was appropriately administered?  (of course if you are up for sharing).



Missing Him


Sometimes you think of someone and you miss them.  Not sure why but you do.  This week I am missing my Sir.  He is away for work and while we typically don’t see each other much during the week anyway, this week I’m really missing him.  I’ve been busy and he’s away so you’d think our few texts in the morning and at night would suffice.  Nope!

I miss the random texts throughout the day, the teasing and joking while at work.  I miss his good morning messages when I wake up, this week he gets those.

I know I am on his mind and he knows he is on mine.  But I still miss him and look forward to seeing him this weekend.

Such a Torturous Tease…


ImageTexting to tease
You create the desire
I begin to want

Teasing to crave
You make me blush
I begin to squirm

Teasing to arouse
You make me wet
I need, I crave

Teasing to push
You make me burn
I writhe with desire

Teasing to torture
You make me gush
I feel, I yearn

I love the use you tease me with
You push me to admit
I crave the intensity
You desire for me
I need that which you torture me

How do you deal with little disappointments?

I’m not very good at dealing with disappointments.  How about you?

All normal things that happen in life and yet, there are times they seem to catch you off guard and you have to push through it.  How do you do it? What do you do to handle the ones that leave you sad?

Do you distract yourself? How?

Do you build up a wall?  At what point?

I’m sure there are so many ways to handle the little disappointments that can happen in a D/s relationship. So I’m curious to know how you handle them.  How do you wish you could handle them?