Oh so much fun…..for the pleasure slave.


I am a pleasure slave, one who takes pride in giving her Dom all that pleases him.  I’m learning my experiences have been limited.  Now I find I have my Owner and another who both serve as my Dom’s to guide my growth and my enjoyment of being a pleasure slave. I am one lucky girl.

One day my Dom says that I need to find a play partner, it can be male or female.  My personal preference is a man, but not just a vanilla man, a Dominant man.  I explain to my Dom just how hard that will be for me since I don’t like casual play situations and I have more of a poly heart and prefer to build relationships.  We agreed to think on things for a bit.  Meanwhile, someone who I had a brief tryst with a year ago resurfaces.  I really liked him then and was hurt when he disappeared.  After chatting and learning what was going on, we started talking about me. I told him I was dating a Dom and was happy.  He was happy for me and wished me luck.  And it struck me, could he be my play partner?

I mentioned it to him and he teased me a bit over a few days. In the meantime I mentioned it to my Dom.  And then I got really busy with work.  However, communication between me and my mysterious friend kept up and he was remembering our brief time together and I honestly was surprised he remembered so many details and seemed to really like that time with me.  Then he asked if I had talked to my Dom about him. And since I did….the conversation moved right toward him becoming my play partner.

So I put my Dom in touch with Mysterious friend and they conspired together.  So this is where it gets good….  two Dom’s both with a little sadistic streak  conspiring on ways to make little pleasure slave delight them.   And nope, they weren’t going to tell me what was in store.  (Huff!)

They agreed on boundaries and rules that my Dom wanted in place and they discuss any playtime before it happens.  They agree that they want me thoroughly used regularly.  (ok happy little slave here).

Two play sessions later, and I’m smitten.  Both give me such pleasure, over and over.  They take what they want and I’m so happy and content. But they make me work for that pleasure….. they tease and torment me.  They push my boundaries and conspire on new things for me to experience.  Bondage, elements of pain which leads to pleasure, humiliation and endurance.

Their goal is to break down my sexual walls so that I can fully embrace the pleasure slave that I am.  They tease and torment my embarrassment, yet tell me all the time, the things I’m really good at and strong in.  They say this all in a way that is encouraging and caring. They can be harsh in a session, but then they hold me and tell me what a good girl I was, how they are pleased.  When I don’t get why they want me to do something, they explain their thought process, or at least their motive.  It helps me to know I’m safe in their hands.

They do genuinely care for me, they have shown me so much pleasure in a few weeks time and they remind me just how much it pleases my Dom for me to obey and to submit fully to their knowledge of me.  They want what is best for me and yes that makes me one very lucky pleasure slave.

Thank you my kind caring Sir and my Mysterious friend.  You both are the best.


2 thoughts on “Oh so much fun…..for the pleasure slave.

  1. I shared this with my two Doms and they had different perspectives on the writing. One thanked me for it and the other shared that he wants me to know that I am cherished and that I deserve their care. I said it before and I genuinely mean it, they both are the best! ❤

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