Buried under so much stress

i can’t think, hurts to feel

One touch, one caress

You care, You make me feel


How is it that You reach into my soul?

How can You hurt me and heal me at the same time?

How can You say words that sound so bad yet

feel so right?


my heart aches for comfort yet i long for harsh use

For Your marks, for the deep reminders of where i belong

my mind aches for reassurances yet i know, can feel You

Everything is alright in a world that pushes to be so wrong


Why do You care?

Why are You there?

Why do You see through me?


It doesn’t matter because You do

i matter because of me

i matter because of You

All that matters is W/we


With You, i know i belong

Buried under so much stress

You bring calmness to my mind

Even if just for a few short moments


Your arms provide strength

Your embrace provides warmth

Your heart provides security

Your words provide truth

Your eyes provide comfort

Your soul provides love


Too much stress

Too many thoughts

Too many decisions

You cut to my core

You make me feel

You help me heal




2 thoughts on “Healing

  1. Sometime we can find peace only in certain places. I like the poem. The poem had the energy of true emotion and needed release.No weakness in the outstanding poetry.

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